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Estate Administration

The passing of a loved one is often a difficult and emotional time for family members. One or more of those grieving family members are often appointed Executor or Personal Representative and charged with the fiduciary responsibility to properly administer the estate. For many individuals, this role can be overwhelming.

Following a death, there is often a myriad of family and asset situations the executor needs to sort through to bring the administration of the estate to conclusion.  Our attorneys and paralegals are well-versed in all aspects of estate administration from probating the Will to marshalling and valuing assets, filing federal and/or state estate and income tax returns, obtaining the requisite tax waivers to transferring assets to the beneficiaries.  Perhaps most importantly, we work with the Executor or Personal Representative to make certain they carry-out the fiduciary duty they owe to the beneficiaries and help them administer the Estate in an efficient and professional manner thereby avoiding any personal liability.

We will also work with clients to handle post-death tax planning in order to find efficient solutions to problems, so that more wealth is passed to families and less to governmental taxing authorities.

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